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What's happening in the industry?

As doors closed and commerce has been forced online, the health and beauty space has had to figure out the ropes of the online world. High-quality user experiences, engaging content, and easy checkouts became a necessity.

The future of the health and beauty industry includes, both, in-person and online experiences built on memberships, in-person experiences, and technology adoption that leads to hyper-personalisation.

Let's talk about the numbers.




Gen Z

You're a 10.

Ecommerce accounted for roughly 22% of beauty market sales last year.

86% of Gen Z and 80% of Millennials list sustainability as a significant shopping factor.

The UK organic cosmetics market size is expected to grow to £339 million by 2025.

51% of health and beauty brands are going to implement digital strategies to adapt to the new ‘phygital’ reality.

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